Expo is a world event with a cultural-social approach, administered by a country winning the nomination.

Each expo has a world subject and it is held in a place considered as a place of face-to-face interaction and communication for participation of the participants and the visitors as an innovation.

The world Exposition Bureau (BIE), is the international organization coordinating the operation of expos. At the moment 168 countries and Iran are members of this organization.

The first International world exhibition (expo) in the modern sense was held in London in 1851 and the next expo was held in Paris in 1889 in the Eifel tower was designed and built.

In addition to presence at the first expo, our country, Iran, has actively participated in a few expos before the revolution and also the 1993 South Korea, 1998 Portugal, 2000, Germany, 2005 Japan, 2010 China and 2015 Italy expos after the revolution.

The first international exhibitions (expo) was held in London in 1851 and our country,  Iran, was present in the first expo by  order of deputy Farahani (Amir Kabir) and the Eifel tower is a memento of the 1889 expo in Paris.


Our country, Iran, has actively participated in several expos before the revolution. Iran pavilion was designed and built in the 1967 Montreal, Canada expo by Abdol-Aziz Farmanfarmayan and it is considered the most eminent Iran pavilion at that time.

1993 South Korea Expo, theme: Challenges of the New Path of Development


1998 Portugal Expo, theme: Oceans, A legacy for the Future

2000 Germany Expo, theme: Man, Nature and Technology


2005 Japan Expo, theme: Wisdom of Nature


2010 Shanghai, China Expo, theme: Better City, Better Life


2015 Milan, Italy Expo, theme: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life