Theme: The 2017 Astana expo with the theme of “Future Energy” will be held from June 10th-September 10th 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Logo: The 2017 Astana expo logo is derived from the symbol of wind energy as the most acknowledged substitute energy, producer of energy using the power of wind.

Blue representing water, ocean and peace

Orange representing justice

Green representing freshness, nature, renewability, ecology

2017 Astana Exposition Site: the expo is situated at an under construction site with an area of 173.4 acres in the south of Astana (8 km south of the Astana historical center and 4 km away from the establishment of the new government building). 25 acres are allocated to the exhibition pavilions and 149 acres of the surrounding space are intended for conference halls, expo town and the residential complexes of the participants, establishment of public transport fleet, warehouses, car parks and exhibition facilities. The expo site complex and the related infrastructures are designed with the aim of utilization as an international financial center after the expo.

14 international pavilions have been similarly designed in two levels and U form which provide group cohesion while having independence and separate access.

International Pavilion Divisions in 4 Sections (by the administrator):

  • Countries of the European region
  • Countries of the Latin America, Caribbean and North of America region
  • Countries of the Asia and Pacific region
  • Countries of the CIS and Africa region

Four thematic pavilions are also designed under the titles below:

  • World energy
  • Energy for life
  • Energy for all
  • My future energy

Divisions of Pavilions with regard to area:

  • Group A pavilions (approximate area 350 meter square)
  • Group B pavilions (approximate area 550 meter square)
  • Group C pavilions (approximate area 750 meter square)
  • Group D pavilions (approximate area 1000 meter square)
  • Group E pavilions (including small countries’ pavilion)